Retail, Hospitality, Production & Property

Background of establishment of Coco Group

Coco Group was established by Mr. Nengah Natyanta and his wife Ibu Ni Ketut Siti Maryati, in 1998

PT Bali Pawiwahan / Coco Group was pioneered in 1998 by a local Bali entrepreneur who has vision to create a large-scale local company, The company started from a small shop located in Bali Galeria Nusa Dua (Now Bali Collection).

In 2000 the Company began to open several branches at Ngurah Rai International and Domestic Airport, such as BPW1, Bina Pura, BPW 3 and other stores. In 2006 the company expanded its business again, this time targeted the local market with the name of Coco Mart on March 25, 2006. In the same year on 20 November 2006 the company also opened Coco Supermarket in Bali Collection area. Until now the company continues to grow along with the increasing number of professionals who joined in the Coco Group.


Vision & Mission of Coco Group

Making COCO GROUP as a local company with international standard. Innovative, Creative, Profitable, and Prioritize customer satisfaction, through good customer service in order to exceed the sales target and increase employee welfare.