Bali riding Horse

The coast of Yeh Gangga, between north Canggu and Tanah Lot, is the home of Bali Island Horse stables. Sunset riding activities are popular here with the exotic seascape serving memorable backdrops. This stable’s horses are naturally fed, backed by a leading equine nutritionist from Down Under. The horses also go through daily ‘equissage’ treatments, as well as acupuncture and red light therapy. All to give you the healthiest and happiest horses for your walking-lead beach tours (and even ocean swims with the horses!).

Temple Tanah Lot

According to legend, this temple was built by a brahman who wandered from Java, namely Nirartha Danghyang who managed to strengthen the Balinese people’s belief in Hindu teachings and build Sad Kahyangan in the 16th century. At that time, the ruler of Tanah Lot named Bendesa Beraben was jealous of him because his followers began to go to follow the Nirartha Danghyang. Bendesa Beraben then ordered Danghyang Nirartha to leave Tanah Lot. Nirangha’s Danghyang agreed, but before that he had moved his Stone Bunk to the center of the beach (not to the sea) and built a temple there. He also turned his shawl into a temple guardian snake. This snake still exists today and scientifically this snake is a type of sea snake that has the characteristics of a flat tail like a fish, black with a yellow color and has a poison 3 times stronger than a cobra snake. Finally it was stated that Bendesa Beraben became a follower of Nirartha Danghyang.


Batu Bolong beach is a beautiful black sandy beach stretch from Kuta Beach with the breathtaking view to the Indian Ocean. It is featured by the great fat wave that is good for the beginner surfer, longboard and there are two surf spots that give many opportunities for the surfers to conquer the wave and to enjoy the surf adventures. Is has been many visited by tourists and surfers to recreation or relax while to enjoy the fresh atmosphere flows from the sea. It is also blessed by the panoramic view to the Indian ocean and thesurrounding nature.  The surfers have appointed that this surf spot as one of the best surfing point for the longboard in Bali Island, hence this place is many visited by the surfers from foreign and domestic surfers.